Arequipa is the second city of Peru, located about 1000km south of the capital. Renowned for its beautiful colonial architecture and the ordered street pattern, the city has been nicknamed the white city or "ciudad blanca",  due to the frequent use of white sillar - a volcanic rock - for many constructions. Because the city is at more than 2300m altitude, the air is often clear and the temperature pleasant during the day.

The landscape in the Arequipa area is impressive, there are a total of 8 volcanoes in the region, of which 3 are sometimes active. Several volcanic peaks are permanently covered in snow and the most famous volcano is the Misti (5825m), which is clearly visible from any place in the city.

Within the district of Arequipa - about 165 km north of the city (3:30 hours) - there are two of the deepest gorges in the world: the Cotahuasi canyon and the Colca canyon. The Colca canyon is considered one of the deepest in the world, but might be better known as one of the best places to spot the Andean condors.

Arequipa Climate

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