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Alya - Galapagos Islands
Alya - Galapagos Islands
Alya - Galapagos Islandsuise
Alya - Galapagos Islands
Alya - Galapagos Islands
Day Description Meals
Day 1 Thursday Baltra Island Airport: Arrival and Transfer to the boat L D
North Seymour Island
Day 2 Friday Genovesa Island: Darwin Bay B L D
Genovesa Island: El Barranco
Day 3 Saturday Santiago Island: Sullivan Bay B L D
Bartholomew Island
Day 4 Sunday Santa Cruz Island: Dragon Hill B L D
Santa Cruz Island: Black Turtle Cove
Day 5 Monday Santa Cruz Island: Tortoise Breeding Center B
Transfer to Baltra Airport
North Seymour | Itinerary 5A | Alya
Darwin Bay | Itinerary 5A | Alya
Prince Philips Steps | Itinerary 5A | Alya
Sullivan Bay | Itinerary 5A | Alya
Bartolome | Itinerary 5A | Alya
Dragon Hill | Itinerary 5A | Alya
Black Turtle Cove | Itinerary 5A | Alya
Santa Cruz Highlands | Itinerary 5A | Alya

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